Cobequid Cultural Society (CCS)
2023 – 2024 Bursary For ($1,000.00)


The CCS is offering a $1,000.00 bursary to a student from the Cobequid area of Halifax County, Nova Scotia who will be attending a full-time, post-secondary program focusing on The Visual & Performing Arts,

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 2024 Deadline is May 19, 2024

 Who can apply?

– Open to all students from the Cobequid catchment area of Halifax County, Nova Scotia. Please see our website: for a map of the area covered. (Click on the map for an enlargement.)

– Must be graduating from Grade 12 and be accepted into a full-time study

program at a post-secondary institution in one of the following disciplines: theatre, music, literary arts, dance, film &video, visual arts/fine crafts.

How to Apply:

The applicant is asked to submit a letter containing the following information to the Bursary Committee by Friday, May 19th 2024.

– Applicants name, home address, and email address, & Phone #.

– Describe reasons for choosing this area of study.

– Describe how the bursary will assist in furthering the applicant’s post-secondary education.

– Provide any additional information on past work experience, volunteer activity, or projects conducted in the field of the arts.

– Provide two supporting references from teachers or employers complete with names and contact information.

– List experiences and/or achievements relevant to your artistic development.

– Please provide and additional information that you believe would assist the Bursary Selection Committee in making its decision. While marks are important they may not be the deciding factor in the selection.

– In the event the applicant discontinues the course or takes a leave of absence from the course, he/she may have to repay a certain percentage of the bursary received in that academic year.

– Mail or email the completed application letter with supporting documentation to: Helen White & Donalda MacIsaac


 – Email Address:


– Mailing Address: Cobequid Cultural Society

11 Glendale Ave. Unit 4, Lower Sackville, N. S. B4C 3P2


Bursary Award:

– A bursary Committee will review, in confidence, all applications. The CCS will advise the recipient of the $1,000.00 bursary by mid June 2024.

– Only the successful applicant of the award will be notified.

– The recipient of the Bursary must agree to have their name and picture posted on the CCS Website as the winner of the current bursary.